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Magnolia Silks’ back to school fundraiser!!

It’s that time of year again for the Magnolia Silks‘ annual back to school fundraiser!!

It’s important for us to support underprivileged youth that have been economically impacted by the COVID pandemic.

Continuing in our efforts to assist the young ladies of Girls Inc. and SHAPE Community Center's Child Enrichment Program, we are seeking your support & sponsorship.

For only $8 you can provide a child with the following:

17 Inch Backpack

1 Pack of Crayons

1 Sharpener with Dome Cover

2 Pink Erasers

1 Two Pocket Folder

1 Glue Stick

1 Highlighter

70 Page Spiral Notebook

1 Pack of 4 Pencils

1 Pack Of 4 Pens (Both Blue & Black)

12 Inch Ruler

1 Pencil Case

Contributions can be made to the following:




Please note, due to COVID19, there’s a chance classes may be held remotely this upcoming school year. However, our students will still be in need of supplies. We sincerely thank you in advance for your contributions.




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