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1st inaugural LOUD IDEAS discussion panel

To say that we are proud of the founder/CEO of LOUD IDEAS Rina Mull for coordinating such a flawless event would be an understatement! Magnolia Silks CEO had the privilege to be among a venue full of spectators at the first inaugural LOUD IDEAS discussion panel on 12/2/2017.

Minton's-Cecil Steakhouse was the perfect venue as guests dined on a fabulous brunch, sipped mimosas and networked before the panel discussion began.

One Hundred Black Men of America and Global Corporate Executive Curtiss Jacobs, Producer and CEO Luke Burke and OkayAfrica CMO Vivian Ewalefo were on the panel giving us their first hand experiences on their rise to power. The conversation and dialogue was open and honest as the panel discussed the many struggles they faced while rising to the top. Attending this event was enough to leave anyone inspired.

We at Magnolia Silks were proud we could sponsor such and uplifting and motivating event. Great Job Rina! We can't wait to be apart of the next panel.

Check out a few highlights from the event below.

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